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September 16 2003


1. Document 123, petition from Mass Electric Company requesting conduit location on Greenhill Farm rd
(Item #37)

2. Document 124, petition from Verizon New England and Mass Electric Co requesting joint pole location on 12th Avenue
(Item #38)

3. Appointments by Mayor:
Christopher Hottel
Frank Vadeboncour


4. Applications for Tag Days:

a. Haverhill Junior Football Thursday, Friday & Saturday October 16, 17 & 18

b. HHS Cross Country Team Thursday & Friday, November 6 & 7

5. Application for Inflammable license from Epichem Inc to store additional 3,000 gallons flammables and chemicals aboveground at 1429 Hilldale av
(Hearing Oct 7th)

6. Petitions for joint pole/conduit locations:

a. Verizon New England & MA Electric Co, joint pole location, Lafayette av
(Hearing Sep 30th)
b. Verizon New England & MA Electric Co, joint pole location, River st and Villa st
(Hearing Sep 30th)
c. Verizon New England, conduit location Lafayette sq
(Hearing Sep 30th)

7. Communication from President Guerin requesting downtown eating establishments having a Common Victualer’s License be exempt from Hawker/Peddler license to participate in HaverhillFEST, Saturday September 20th and also requests fee be waived

8. Communication from Police Chief Alan R DeNaro requesting to address Council to present Police Officer commendations and also to speak regarding budget

9. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of August 2003

10. Communication from James S George requesting to present Wireless Network System Deployment, Municipal Real Estate Design Proposal

11. Communication from President Bresnahan requesting to introduce Beth Wilson to discuss traffic situation at intersection of Groveland and Boardman st

12. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting a discussion regarding ‘’caution blind person’’ sign on Liberty st

13. Communication from Councillor DesMarais submitting minutes and recommendations of Natural Resources and Public Buildings Committee
(Items 39 A – G)

14. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting a discussion regarding endorsement by Council of Attorney General Thomas F Reilly’s opposition to proposed rate increase by Keyspan and NSTAR

15. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting to introduce Peter Yannakoureas to speak regarding ongoing construction in Lafayette sq

16. Communication from Councillor Fossarelli requesting a discussion regarding parking and traffic concerns on Fairfield st


17. Document 15-M, Ordinance re: Parking 14 York st, Handicap Parking

18. Document 34-M, Ordinance re: Parking Lot on Merrimack st directly in front of Parking Deck, 2-Hr Parking, Monday thru Sunday

19. Document 97-O, Transfer $555.00 from Cable TV Royalties to Law Expense

20. Document 125, Ordinance re: Cross-Connections

21. Document 126, Ordinance re: Water Treatment Plant Laboratory Analysis Rates

22. Document 127, Ordinance re: Water System Analysis

23. Document 128, Ordinance re: Water Service Charge

24. Document 129, Ordinance re: Water Supply Fees

25. Document 130, Ordinance re: Septage Water

26. Document 131, Ordinance re: Sewer Assessments

27. Document 132, Ordinance re: Drainage Capital Improvements

28. Document 133, Ordinance re: Drainage Assessment

29. Document 134, Ordinance re: Fire Service Fees

30. Document 135, Ordinance re: Wastewater Capital Improvements

31. Document 136, Ordinance re: Wastewater Collection System Analysis and Wastewater Lift Station Analyst

32. Document 137, Ordinance re: Water Rate Structure

33. Document 138, Ordinance re: Water Service Application Fees (Capital Improvements)

34. Document 139, Ordinance re: Wastewater Laboratory Analysis Rates

35. Document 140, Ordinance re: Wastewater Rates

36. Document 141, Ordinance re: Fire Department Fees


37. Order grant permission Mass Electric Co conduit location on Greenhill Farm rd

38. Order grant permission Verizon New England and Mass Electric Co joint pole location on 12th Avenue

39. Order declare surplus City owned property at:

a. Arch Place, Assessor’s Map 500, Block 224, Lot 9A
b. Arthur st, Assessor’s Map 531, Block 376A, Lot 3A
c. 29 Ayer st, Assessor’s Map 503, Block 238, Lot 8
d. Broadway, Assessor’s Map 544, Block 425, Lot 26
e. 7 Freeman st, Assessor’s Map 532, Block 406, Lot 7
f. 20 Locke st, Assessor’s Map 304, Block 58, Lot 20
g. 7 Groveland st, Assessor’s Map 423, Block 153, Lot 7

40. Order that portions of Rosebud Avenue as described be renamed Ridgeland Heights and Scotland Heights Road

41. Transfer $39,660 from Fire Expense and Fire Salaries

42. Appropriate $1,000,000 from proceeds of sale of surplus municipal property for purpose of constructing public safety garage and fueling facility for City vehicles

43. Ordinance re: Building Construction Fees; Building Permits and Fees
(File 10 days)

44. Ordinance re: Building Construction Fees; Building Permits and Fees
(File 10 days)

45. Ordinance re: Citizens’ Center Fees
(File 10 days)

46. Ordinance re: Recreation Commission Non-Resident Tournament Fees
(File 10 days)

47. Ordinance re: Recreation Commission Field Usage Fee
(File 10 days)

48. Ordinance re: Sewers - Sewer Inspections
(File 10 days)

49. Ordinance re: Sewers - Applications for Permits; Authorization from Property Owner
(File 10 days)

50. Ordinance re: Sewers - Definition of Building Sewer
(File 10 days)

51. Ordinance re: Sewers – Fees for Sewer and Drain Permits
(File 10 days)

52. Ordinance re: City Engineer, Price and Sale of Items Sold in City Engineer’s Office
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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