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March 23, 2004


1. Document 3, petition from Attorney Robert Harb, representing Skelley Motor Co requesting a special permit to build 12 units in one multi-family building; 2 three-bedroom units and 10 two-bedroom units at 229-237 Water st to be sold as condominiums Favorable recommendations with conditions from Planning Board and Planning Director Related communications from several Historical Societies and Organizations

2. Document 31, petition from Dennis G Unger, President of Riverside Engineering, representing Annie Sullivan, requesting to discontinue a 250’ section of the undeveloped right of way known as Coffey Avenue Favorable recommendation from Planning Board and Planning Director
(Item #19)


3. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting permission to address Council at 7:00 P.M. for a State of the City Address

4. Applications for Hawker/Peddler license:

a.Scott Vavak to sell paintball supplies; gloves, masks & paintballs at cul-de-sac on Rivervalley rd Saturday – Sunday, 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

b.Robert Tandy to sell hot dogs, sausages, soda, chips & water at Washington sq, Monday-Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

c.Jesus Rodriguez to sell seafood pies & salad, paella, soda, water & juice behind Haverhill Co-op Bank Merrimack st, Sunday-Saturday, 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

5. Application for license to Buy & Sell Second Hand Articles from Lorenzo Uzarek, at 96 Winter st

6. Application to hold Tag Days, Friday & Saturday, September 24th & 25th Amvets Ladies Auxiliary Post 147

7.Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting to submit a recommended zoning change to the industrial zone in the downtown area
(Item #20)

7b. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini inviting Council and citizens to join him Thursday, March 25th on steps of City Hall to present Academy Award winner Michael Williams with a key to the City and also submitting a proclamation
(Item #30)

8. Communication from Attorney Maria Rogers representing Pedro and Belkis Polanco notifying City of intent to sell property under Mass General Laws, Chapter 183A, and offer of first refusal

9. Communication from Police Chief Alan R DeNaro requesting to address Council to present commendations to Officers Leonard Barone and John Spero

10. Communication from Councillor Fossarelli requesting to give an update on the Armory lease

11. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting a discussion regarding updated City Council Rules and Regulations

12. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting a discussion regarding bid for 17 Hamilton av, formerly the Haverhill Fire Dept Headquarters
(Item #21)

13. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting a discussion regarding amending Document 46-O/03
(Item #22)

14. Communication from Councillor DesMarais submitting Minutes and recommendations of Natural Resources & Public Buildings Committee held March 3rd

15. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting a discussion regarding receiving school real estate appraisals and also to begin negotiations for Bartlett School and Hill View Montessori Charter School applicant

16. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting a discussion regarding safety at intersection of Mill, Water st and Bailey blvd

17. Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting a discussion regarding Ordinance Relating to Recreation Commission – Team Fees
(Item #24)


18. Appointment by Mayor:
Gerry Sewell
(To Be Confirmed)


19. Order to discontinue a portion of Coffey av

20. Ordinance re: Zoning – Table 1
(File 10 days)

21. Order City Council accept one of two RFP bids for 17 Hamilton av formerly Haverhill Fire Dept Headquarters

22. Order to amend Document 46-O/03 declaring property surplus on Arthur st

23. Transfer $457.50 from Ledger Account Cable TV Royalties to Law Expense

24. Ordinance re: Recreation Commission
(File 10 days)

25. Transfer $9,432.00 from Ledger Accounts Haverhill Cultural Council, Cable TV Royalties and Engineering Inspection Fees to Haverhill Cultural, Law and Engineering Expense

26. Transfer $75,000 from General Fund Account Unemployment Insurance to
Indemnification of Retirees

27. Loan Order: Appropriate $4,669,732 for financing cost of cleaning up/preventing pollution regarding Old Haverhill Landfill
(File 10 days)

28. Proclamation – Armenian Martyrs’ Day April 24th

29. Proclamation – National Child Abuse Prevention Month, April

30. Proclamation – Academy Award Winner Michael Williams Day, March 25th

Committee reports


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