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October 26, 2004

1. Appointments by Mayor:
Robert E DesMarais
Louis T Fossarelli
William J Macek
Scott Cote
William Pillsbury


2. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini submitting Downtown Parking Business Plan and related Ordinances

a. Related communication from City Engineer John Pettis submitting Plan of Public Parking Locations within the Central Business District
(Item #’s 12 thru 28)

b.Communication from Councillor Hart requesting to discuss status of Mayor’s parking plan

3. Application from Thomas J Donovan Auctioneer license, 11 Vila st October 30 th

4. Application from Michael Finnegan 2004 Drainlayer license

5. Application for Tag Days, HHS ROTC Friday & Saturday, October 29th & 30 th

6. Communication from President Michitson requesting to introduce Lisa Thibault to discuss drainage problems at 76 Gale av

7. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting a discussion regarding City declared surplus property at 19-21 Oak ter

8. Communication from Councillor DesMarais submitting Minutes and recommendations of Natural Resources & Public Buildings Committee meeting held October 18 th


9. Document 127, application from Angelo Petrozzelli, Design Partnership Architects representing Rick Stannichuk requesting Special Permit to construct a building containing 8 units to be sold as condos on Lot 6, Inland st Communication from applicant requesting application be withdrawn without prejudice Recommendation from Planning Board & Planning Director that applicant be allowed to withdraw application


10. Document 11-F, Ordinance re: Parking Merrimack st, Parking Deck

11. Document 135-B, Ordinance re: One Way Streets, 12 th Avenue, Westbound, Main st to Cedar st


12. Ordinance re: Parking, Amend Chapter 240 Article XIII, s1302 & s1305 Schedule B:Parking Restrictions & Prohibitions of City Code
(File 10 days)

13. Ordinance re: Parking, Amend Chapter 240 s506
(File 10 days)

14. Ordinance re: Parking, Amend Chapter 240 s510
(File 10 days)

15. Ordinance re: Parking, Amend Chapter 240 s1201
(File 10 days)

16. Ordinance re: Parking - Cram Place Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

17. Ordinance re: Parking - Elliot Place Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

18. Ordinance re: Parking – Essex & Locust sts Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

19. Ordinance re: Parking – Herbert H Goecke Jr Parking Deck
(File 10 days)

20. Ordinance re: Parking – Haverhill Place Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

21. Ordinance re: Parking – How Street Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

22. Ordinance re: Parking – Library Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

23. Ordinance re: Parking – Locke Street Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

24. Ordinance re: Parking – Merrimack Street Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

25. Ordinance re: Parking – Moulton Way Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

26. Ordinance re: Parking – Phoenix Row Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

27. Ordinance re: Parking – Washington sq Municipal Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

28. Ordinance re: Parking – Wingate Street Parking Lot
(File 10 days)

29. Order City accepts gift of Dexter Greer of monument commemorating World War II Veterans from Ward Hill section of City

30. Order City grants permission to Dexter Greer to install granite monument commemorating World War II Veterans on parcel of land located in Haseltine Park, 675 Ferry rd; Map 745, Block 1 Lot 46A

31. Ordinance re: Stop Signs, Newark st at intersection of Rosemont st
(File 10 days)

32. Ordinance re: Parking, “No parking here to Corner”, Lancaster st-114 feet west to intersection of Harrison st on Lancaster st; even side
(File 10 days)

33. Ordinance re: Parking, 73 Pecker st DELETE Handicap Parking
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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