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June 27, 2006

1. Appointment by Mayor:

    • Sandra J O’Dea


2. Application from Bruce Ross for 2006 Drainlayer license

3. Application for Tag Days; Haverhill Junior Football; October 4,5,6

4. Application for Hawker/Peddler license; Jonathan Lewis to sell hot dogs, chips, soda, water,Gatorade & chili at Winnekenni area, Route 110, Sunday-Saturday, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Related communication from Margaret Toomey, City Clerk

5. Petition from Phyllis A Lefavour E-Max Auto Inc, requesting a Special Permit be granted to allow a new/used car dealership at 1165 & 1175 Main st; (formally known as Fishland) with request for 110 cars
(Hearing July 25 th)


6. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting a discussion regarding creating a committee of all the Whittier Regional Vo-Tech High School District members to discuss changes to the Whittier legislation

7. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting to introduce Eric Klimer to discuss the Brandy Brow gates

8. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding run-off at Silsby Farm Salem st, Bradford section of City

HEARINGS (M.G.L. Ch. 166)

9. Document 76, petition from Verizon New England & Mass Electric Company requesting joint pole location on Groveland rd
(Item #14)


10. Document 31, Petition from Attorney Michael Migliori representing NEDA Development requesting a Zoning Change, amend Zoning Map, Chapter 255-8 property at 1116 & 1124 Main st; extend existing Commercial Highway District (CH) southerly to intersection of Rosemont st (current CH Zone terminates at 1144 Main st) Related communication from Attorney Michael Migliori representing applicant, requesting to withdraw the petition
(Item #12)

11. Document 77, petition from Robert E Lurvey, Lurvey Auto Sales, requesting Special Permit be granted to allow used car dealership at 551 River st; Assessor’s Map 508, Block 255, Lot 2; with a request for 70 spaces Comment sheets are included from City Departments


12. Document 31-B, Ordinance re: Zoning Main st, RM to CH (filed 10 days 4/14)

13. Document 74-B, communication from Mayor Fiorentini vetoing Document 74/06 Ordinance re: Streets and Sidewalks Placement and Maintenance of News racks and suggests a meeting with news representative or possible new ordinance

13a. Document 74, Ordinance re: Streets and Sidewalks; Placement and Maintenance of News racks (Vetoed by Mayor)


14. Order grant permission Verizon New England & Mass Electric for joint pole location on Groveland rd

15. Appropriate $131,618,473 and amount be funded as: Free Cash $100,000, Water receipts $303,382, Wastewater receipts $183,014, Sale of Real Estate $319,000, Overlay Surplus $125,000 and Taxation and Other Receipts $130,588,077

16. Appropriate $6,591,062 to operate Water Department for items marked appropriation on attached sheet and $6,210,319 come from water revenue, $684,125 to come from Water available fund balance and $303,382 be appropriated in the general fund and funded from water receipts

17. Appropriate $6,468,465 to operate Wastewater Department for items marked appropriation on attached sheet and $6,526,721 from wastewater revenue, $124,758 to come from Wastewater available fund balance and that $183,014 be appropriated in the general fund and funded from wastewater receipts

18. Order – Authorization of Citizen Center Rental Account Revolving Fund

19. Order – Authorization of Council on Aging Activities Account Revolving Fund

20. Order – Authorization of Recreation and Parks Revolving Fund

21. Order – Authorization of Veteran’s Memorial Skating Rink Revolving Fund

22. Order – Authorization of Wood School Daycare Revolving Fund

23. Order – Authorization of Crowell School Daycare Revolving Fund

24. Order authorize Mayor to waive certain water connection fees required by City Code for Northeast Family YMCA, 81 Winter st Related communication from Mayor Fiorentini

25. Proclamation – “Outreach Educator Day”, June 29 2006

26. Proclamation – “Buckle Up Haverhill Week”

27. Ordinance re: A Brightside Commission
(File 10 days)

Committee reports

Councillor Hall submits Minutes of Traffic & Safety Committee meeting held on June 1st


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