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December 12, 2006

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini submitting third parking plan

2. Appointments by the Mayor:

    • Theodore A Pelosi Jr
      (To Be Confirmed)
    • William D Miller
    • Frank Novak
    • Jennifer Selfridge – Haverhill Historical, Commission & Water/Wastewater Abatement Board


3. Applications for 2007 Drainlayer license:

  • Serge Beaulieu
  • Paul D Busby
  • Edward K Busch
  • John Carr
  • George Charest
  • Richard Early Jr
  • Richard Early Sr
  • Thomas B Hodgson
  • Arthur F Hutton
  • Scott D Lafoe
  • Steve Laroche
  • Dale Manter
  • Ralph Mirra
  • Sylvain Noiseux
  • Michael P Patenaude
  • Kenneth M Pierce Jr
  • Gerald J Pittorino
  • Fred F Ramey Jr
  • Douglas Robbins
  • William T Sawyer
  • Joseph Scott
  • Brian Stein
  • John Sullivan
  • Ralph Surianello
  • Joseph R Watson

4. Petition from Attorney Richard Sheehan representing Vincent O’Rorke requesting extension of Special Permit for 1 year Doc 144/05 granted with conditions December 13 2005 to build condos at 80-88 River st

5. Petition from Attorney David B Currie representing BRN Corp/Michael Arcidi requesting extension of Special Permit to July 1 2007, Doc 30/05 granted with conditions March 22 2005

HEARINGS (M.G.L. Ch. 166)

6. Document 122, petition from Verizon New England requesting conduit location on Broadway
(Item #12)

7. Document 127, petition from Verizon New England and MA Electric Co requesting joint pole location on Broadway
(Item #13)


8. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of November

9. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a street light at 19 Ford st on behalf of residents


10. Document 116, Petition from Attorney James Waldron representing EBY Commercial Real Estate Inc requesting Special Permit to reconstruct building at 61 Brown st for a Congregate Care Assisted Living facility with 81 units (former Glynn Hospital site) City Department reports are included


11. Document 63-D, Ordinance re: Salaries Parking Control Officer

12. Document 122-B, Order grant Verizon NE conduit location on Broadway


13. Order grant permission Verizon NE and MA Electric Co for joint pole location on Broadway

14. Order declare property located at 20 Newcomb st surplus and authorize Mayor to issue request for RFP for lease of said property for educational uses

15. Order City accept MGL c.40, s3 which provides that expenditure of balance or funds from lease of school dept property at end of fiscal year shall remain in account & may be expended for upkeep/maintenance of any facility under control of school committee

16. Order authorize Mayor enter into agreement on behalf of Water/Wastewater Depts with Plaistow Project, LLC and CVS Plaistow NH

17. Order that property at 75 Kenoza av (The Armory) be declared surplus and authorize Mayor to issue RFP for sale of said property

18. Tr $12,000.00 from Wastewater Storm Drainage Infrastructure account to Drainage Capital 2005

19. Order authorize Mayor to execute Financial Hardship Tolling Agreement with regards to cleanup of Beede Waste Oil Superfund Site Plaistow, NH

20. Proclamation – No Place for Hate December 12 2006

21. Loan Order - $226,500 for purchase of new School Dept Text Books
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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