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June 26, 2007

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting to address Council regarding the Budget and Municipal Partnership Act and also submitting Resolution in Support of the Municipal Partnership Act for adoption

2. Appointments by Mayor:

    • William Cox Jr
    • William Faraci
    • Mary E Roy
    • Kathleen LaRoque
    • Christopher M Donovan


3. Application for license renewals:

  • LIMOUSINE - David LeDoux, 5 Vehicles 101 Winter st “American Medical Response”

4. Application for Tag Days from Haverhill Youth Hockey, November 17th & 18th

5. Applications for Hawker/Peddler license:

  • a.Sharon Dussault, sell hot dogs, chili soda, lemonade, iced tea & snacks at GAR Park, Sunday-Saturday, 9AM-9PM July 1st-December 31st
  • b.Jonathan Lewis, sell hot dogs, chips, soda, water & chili at Winnekenni area Route 110, Sunday-Saturday, 10AM-3:30PM
  • c.Guy Cooper, sell hamburgers, hot dogs, soda at Stadium, June 29th, 5PM-9PM for
    “Haverhill Police Relief Association”

6. Applications for Handicap Parking Sign:

  • a. Perry & Joyce Crockett for 35 Arch av
  • b. Eva A Espinosa for 39 Freeman st

7. Communication from Gerald Cannon requesting to address Council regarding late-night hours for his Hawker/Peddler cart in Washington sq

8. Petitions for Joint Pole locations from Verizon & MA Electric Co for:

  • a. Chick Avenue (Hearing Jul 24th)
  • b. Boston Road (Hearing Jul 24th)
  • c. High Street (Hearing July 10th)
  • d. Blaisdell & Marshall Street (Hearing July 10th)

9. Petition from Human Services Director Vincent Ouellette, requesting to hang banner from June 27th thru July 5th at South Main st, announcing annual July 4th Celebration with fireworks being held Tuesday, July 3rd, 10:00 PM


10. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding removal of handicap parking sign on south side of Locke st at corner of Essex st

11. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding commercial parking at Haverhill Bank municipal parking lot

12. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting a discussion regarding one way
sign at intersection of Westchester dr and Newton rd

13. Communication from Councillor Macek requesting to introduce Fran Bevilacqua to discuss problems related to land purchase


14. Document 67, Petition for Joint Pole location from Verizon & MA Electric Co at Neck rd
(Item #18)

15. Document 68, Petition for Joint Pole location from Verizon & MA Electric Co at Shepherd st
(Item #19)

16. Document 36-B, application for Chapter 40R Downtown Smart Growth Overlay District
from Forest City Residential Inc for development of 109 Essex st; LH Hamel Leather Complex (Haverhill Mills) 306 units used as rental housing Reports from City Departments are included
Favorable recommendation from Planning Director

16b. Communication from Planning Director William Pillsbury submitting Resolution for adoption - designating Forest City location on Locust, Essex & Duncan st as an Economic Opportunity Area; an Urban Center TIF zone; and authorization to submit an Urban center-TIF plan


17. Document 14-N, Ordinance re: Parking 43 Jackson st, DELETE Handicap Parking (file 10 days 6/5/07)


18. Order grant Verizon & MA Electric Co joint pole location on Neck rd

19. Order grant Verizon & MA Electric Co joint pole location on Shepherd st

20. Order authorize Mayor to sign “Agreement” on behalf of City with Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority for lease of premises at Washington sq

21. Transfer $622,190 to/from various accounts to close out FY07

22. Transfer $124,000 from Stabilization and Transfer to Veterans Cash Payments

23. Appropriate $2,600,000 from Hospital Aid Revenue and Appropriate $600,000 from 40R Smart Growth and Transfer $3,200,000 into Stabilization

24. Appropriate $49,506.35 and Transfer to Danrich Court Capital Account to complete work related to Danrich ct off Jericho rd from funds surrendered by development performance bond

25. Fiscal year 2008 – Appropriate/Raise $133,842,838 from various categories and funded in following manner: $303,381 Water Receipts, $188,014 Wastewater Receipts, $190,000 Sale of Real Estate, $145,000 Overlay Surplus & $133,842,838 Taxation& Other Receipts

26. Fiscal Year 2008 Budget – Appropriate $3,200,000 from Stabilization and Transfer $2,600,000 to Hospital Debt and Transfer $600,000 to Group Insurance

27. Fiscal Year 2008 Budget – Appropriate/ Raise $1,202,970 & Transfer into Stabilization

28. Water Budget 2008 – Appropriate $7,001,733 to operate Water Dept and $6,894,946 to
come from Water revenue, $410,168 to come from Water available fund balance and
Appropriate $303,381 in the general fund from Water receipts

29. Wastewater Budget 2008 – Appropriate $7,070,602 to operate Wastewater Dept for items marked as appropriations and $5,695,664 to come from Wastewater Revenue, $562,952 to come from Wastewater Available fund balance and Appropriate $188,014 in the General Fund and funded from Wastewater receipts

30. Order-Authorization of Recreation and Parks Revolving Fund

31. Order-Authorization of Citizen Center Rental Account Revolving Fund

32. Order-Authorization of Wood School Daycare Revolving Fund

33. Order-Authorization of the Veteran’s Memorial Skating Rink Revolving Fund

34. Order-Authorization of the Crowell School Daycare Revolving Fund

35. Order-Authorization of the Council on Aging Account Revolving Fund

36. Order-Authorization of the Haverhill Parking Commission Revolving Fund

37. Ordinance re: Revisions to the Code of the City of Haverhill Related communication from City Solicitor William Cox Jr
(File 10 days)

38. Ordinance re: Heavy Commercial Vehicles re: Fairmount av & Nettleton av Related communication from City Solicitor William Cox Jr
(File 10 days)

39. Ordinance re: Parking, 23 Arch av DELETE Handicap Parking
(File 10 days)

40. Councillor Daly O’Brien submits Minutes of Administration & Finance Committee Meeting Held on June 19th

Committee reports


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