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October 23, 2007

1. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Sheila Babolian
    • Jennifer Gariepy
    • Robert DeFusco


2. Application for Tag Days from National HHS Model United Nations, December 14-16

3. Notice of Hearing – Revised - from U S Army Corp of Engineers for National Grid regarding permit application to conduct work in various waters of the United States as listed, with comment period no later than November 9th

4. Communication from F.S. Gessner, Right of Way Project Manager submitting information regarding Alonquin Gas Transmission, LLC, East to West Hub Line Expansion Project

5. Application for Special Permit from Attorney James Waldron for “Trident Management Corp” requesting to build a four-unit multifamily dwelling at 51 Webster st; Assessor’s Map 203, Block 34, Lot 1A; to be used as apartments
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing Dec 4th)


6. Communication from Councillor Daly’Brien requesting a discussion regarding a street light request for Middle rd pole 206/102-84, fed from Amesbury rd

7. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting a discussion regarding truck traffic on Hunter av

8. Communication from Councillor Macek requesting a discussion regarding traffic on Rte 110, Amesbury rd, at intersection with Elliott st and the I-495 Ramps

9. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding a 4-way stop sign on Merrimac rd at Amesbury Line rd on behalf of Mayor Fiorentini

HEARINGS (M.G.L. Ch. 166)

10. Document 94, Petition from Verizon New England & MA Electric Co requesting a joint pole location on Greenlawn av
(Item #17)


11. Document 39, Application for Special Permit from Attorney Richard Sheehan representing Merrimack Valley Hospice to construct a Nursing Home on North av Map 633, Blocks 11 & 4, Lots 2,2A,3 & 4 Favorable conditional recommendation from Planning Board & Planning Director


12. Document 29-KK, Ordinance re: Parking 30-Minute Parking, 216 River st 3 Spaces, between 8:00 am & 6:00 pm
(filed 10/9/07)

13. Document 57-D, Ordinance re: Stop Signs Add stop signs at intersection of Pine av on Emily st, East/West
(filed 10/2/07)

14. Document 57-C, Ordinance re: Stop Signs Add a stop sign at intersection of Tobey av on Klondike st, Eastbound
(filed 10/2/07)

15. Document 92-B, Order grant National Grid pole location on Computer dr Revised plans submitted

16. Document 93, communication from Councillor Swartz requesting a discussion regarding telephone poles


17. Order grant Verizon New England and MA Electric co joint pole location on Greenlawn av

18. Proclamation – “FAMILY DAY” A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Children; Monday October 22nd

19. Ordinance re:Playgrounds, Parks and Recreation Areas (Walter a Wysocki Park)
(File 10 days)

20. Councillor Hall submits recommendations of Traffic & Safety Committee held on October 5th

Committee reports


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