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October 7, 2008

1. Appointment by Mayor:

    • Frances Pheeny


2. Application for 2008 Drainlayer license from Wayne Harrison

3. Application for Hawker/Peddler license from Katherine Wildes/Cub Scout Pack 63, to sell popcorn in Post Office Square; Saturday, October 25th, 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

4. Petition from Verizon New England and MA Electric Co requesting a joint pole location on Pilling st (Hearing Oct 21st)

5. Petition from Verizon New England requesting a conduit location on Fondi rd (Hearing Oct 21st)

6. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of September 2008


7. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting to discuss foreclosed properties in the City

8. Communication from Councillor Donahue requesting a discussion regarding a citizen’s right to petition the
government for redress of grievances


9. Document 103, petition from Attorney Michael Migliori representing Southworth Development LLC, North Shore Golf Club Holdings LLC & Renaissance Golf Course requesting ZONING CHANGE to accommodate construction of a Clubhouse at the Golf Course on Kenoza st Conditional favorable recommendation from Planning Board Favorable recommendation from Planning Director William Pillsbury

9b. Document 103-B, Ordinance re: Zoning Amend 255-6, Definitions A.“Associated Clubhouse”
(filed 8/26/08)


10. Document 39-J, Ordinance re: Vehicles and Traffic, Amend Chpt 240 S85, Schedule B: Parking Restrictions and Prohibitions (filed 9/23/08) Related communication regarding the Map from Charles Ethier, Asst Civil Engineer, City Engineering Dept


11. Transfer $97,563.68 from the following Capital Projects - Sewer to the new Capital Project, CSO PH II Long Term Control Plan CSO Planning $13,810.27 Glendale/Dodge 26,484.21 Primary Tank Conversion 57,269.20

12. Transfer $5,917.00 from Capital Projects Reserve Account to Parking Garage stairwell cleanup & repair capital account

13. Order – Wastewater Bill approval request – Regan Ford $1,038.38

14. Election Warrant – 2008 State Election November 4th

Committee reports


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