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October 21, 2008

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting to address Council to outline his plan to meet the
$1M in 9C cuts to the budget Item #’s 13,14,15


2. Application for Tag Days from Haverhill Junior Football October 23,24,25

3. Notice of Filing and Public Hearing from Department of Public Utilities on 2007 Management Performance Measure Report November 3rd


4. Communication from Councillor Quimby requesting a discussion regarding installing a stop sign at the end of Katsaros dr

5. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding City issuing work permits for
contractors around Washington st area

6. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a street light on Bellevue av at pole 124/4 on behalf of a resident

7. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion about posting a stop sign on Forrest av
at the intersection of Kenoza av


8. Document 121, petition from Verizon New England and MA Electric Co for joint pole location on Pilling st

8b.Document 121-B, Order grant joint pole location on Pilling st

9. Document 122, petition from Verizon New England for conduit location on Fondi rd

9b.Document 122-B, Order grant conduit location on Fondi rd

10. Documents 88/07, 88-B/07, 888-C/07 & 88-D/07; 4 Special Permits submitted by Attorney Donald Borenstein for D & D Realty Trust: Fermata Limited Partnership for Brandy Brow Rd also known as Erin Way, Fermata rd, Five Form A lots on Brandy Brow rd and Brandy Brow rd – 11 Lots Related communication from Attorney Donald Borenstein requesting on behalf of applicants to continue Hearings of all applications to February 17 2009 Recommendation from Planning Director William Pillsbury to continue all hearings to February 17 2009

11. Document 101, petition from Robert A Masys requesting to have Danrich ct accepted as a Public Way
Favorable conditional recommendation from Planning Board and Planning Director

11b.Document 101-B, Order to accept Danrich ct as a Public Way


12. Document 51, Ordinance re: Building Maintenance of Abandoned, Foreclosing Residential Properties
(filed 4/15/08) Related communication from City Solicitor, William Cox


13. Order – FY 2009 department budgets be reduced by amounts listed

14. Appropriate $141,000 from Sale of non-tax title land and transfer to Debt Service Expenses

15. Appropriate $178,200 from Stabilization and Transfer to Debt Service

Committee reports

16. Councillor Hall submits minutes of Public Safety Committee meeting held October 15th


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