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February 10, 2009


1. Applications for Tag Days:

  • HHS Boys Volleyball – March 20,21,22
  • Haverhill Exchange Club – June 4,5,6

2. Applications for 2009 Drainlayer license:

  • John C Jablonski
  • Chester M Sullivan

3. Applications for license:

    • Cedardale, 30 Coin-ops, 931 Boston rd
    • Cedardale, 30 Sunday Coin-ops

4. Petition from Robert Ward, City of Haverhill, Water/Wastewater Division requesting special license to open street in front of 1314 Main st to install fire service pipe to the building

4b. Order grant City Water Dept permission to open 1314 Main st

5. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of January 2009


6. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting a discussion regarding the effect of the Governor’s cuts to Haverhill and follow up to the Mayor’s State of the City address

7. Communication from Councillor Donahue requesting a discussion regarding Haverhill Community TV


8. Document 39-J/08, Ordinance re: Downtown Parking - Vehicles and Traffic Amend Chpt 240 s85, Schedule B: Parking
Restrictions and Prohibitions (filed 9/23/08) Related communication from City Engineer John Pettis III submitting Revised Parking Map for On-Street Parking Downtown

9. Document 120/08, Ordinance re: Vehicles and Traffic, Chpt 240 s84, Schedule A: Service Zones – Loading zones downtown
(filed 9/30/08)

10. Document 16-B, Ordinance re: Parking No Parking on Main st (West side) from Fourth av to White st (filed 1/27/09)

11. Document 18, Ordinance re: Yield Signs Add Yield sign on Washington st on island at Washington/River sts (filed 1/27/09)

12. Document 19, Ordinance re: Stop Signs Add stop sign on Katsaros dr at intersection of Groveland st & Katsaros
dr at intersection of Brown st(filed 1/27/09)

13. Document 19-B, Ordinance re: Stop Signs Add stop sign on Marlon st at intersection of Pine av (filed 1/27/09)

14. Document 19-C, Ordinance re: Stop Signs Add stop sign on Vale st at intersection of North Broadway (filed 1/27/09)


15. Order declare property (currently being leased by Triad) surplus at 100 Downing av which is a portion of Assessor’s Map 649, Block 611, Lot 2 containing 4.47+/- acres and also authorize Mayor to issue request for proposals (RFP) for sale of property

16. Order that Council authorize Purchasing Dept to proceed with the final disposition of list of obsolete surplus equipment from Engineering Dept

17. Ordinance re: Sewers – Article VI. Drainlayers, 2208-46. License required to perform work; bond; fee. (File 10 days)

Committee reports


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