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March 10, 2009


1. Application for Tag Days from Shoe City Youth Boxing for June 19,20,21

2. Applications for Hawker/Peddler license at GAR Park to sell hotdogs, soda, water, chips, bottled juices, chili,& cookies; April 1st thru Dec 31st, Monday thru Sunday, 9 am to 9 pm from:

  1. Sandra Mottola
  2. Jerry Mottola

2B. Applications for Hawker/Peddler license at Washington Square to sell hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages, fries, chips, soda,
water; March 11th thru December 31st Sunday thru Saturday, 9 am to 3 am from:

  1. Donald Cannon
  2. Gerald Cannon

3. Application for 2009 Drainlayer license from James Cheney

4. Application from Attorney Richard Sheehan Jr for Minor Changes to 40R Permit under Downtown SmartGrowth Overlay District, granted by City Council re: Charles Hayes Building/Granite st Related communication from Economic Development and Planning Director William Pillsbury

5. Petition from Engineers Dept requesting discussion and approval of Central Business District Parking Map as revised
2/6/09 per Parking Commission approval

6. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of February 2009


7. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding overnight parking in the lower portion of the Goecke parking deck

8. Communication from Councillor Donahue requesting a discussion regarding energy savings for City of Haverhill

9. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding graffiti on factory at the corner of Stevens and Winter Streets


10. Document 11, petition from John Cormier requesting to have City accept Crosby st (extended portion) as a Public Way
Favorable recommendation from Planning Board & Planning Director

10B. Document 11-B – Order accept Crosby st (extended portion) as Public Way


11. Document 30, Ordinance re: City Clerk Amend Chapter, Article 1; add the words “Genealogy Searches” (filed 2/25/09


12. Transfer $30,000 from Free Cash to be used to fund retirement incentive program

13. Transfer $9,250 from Waterways fund to Police Expenses to fund the activities of the Harbormaster

14. Ordinance re: Stop Signs – add Stop Sign on Vale st at the intersection of Hilldale av (File 10 Days)

Committee reports


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