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June 23, 2009

1. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Tyler Kimball
    • Marc Sheehan – Ex-Officio member
    • Thomas Sullivan


2. Applications for Tag Days:

  • HHS Access Arts Program July 17,18,19
  • Haverhill Boys/Girls Club July 3,4

3. Applications for licenses:

  • Chair Cars
    • Trinity 3 Vehicles, 7 Stewart st
  • Ambulance
    • Trinity 9 Vehicles
  • Taxicabs
    • A Family Cab 11 Vehicles, 21 White st
  • Buy & Sell Used Office Machinery
    • Jose Figeroa, My Dorm, 100 River st
  • Billiards & Pool
    • Cedardale 2 Tables, 931 Boston rd
    • Billiards & Pool
      • Cedardale
    • Buy & Sell Second Hand Clothing
      • Ayers Village Thrift, 1454 Broadway
      • Barbara Payson
      • Gary Payson
    • Buy & Sell Second Hand Articles
      • Ayers Village Thrift, 1454 Broadway
      • Barbara Payson
      • Gary Payson
      • Just Say Junk, 31 Bradstreet av
      • Kathleen Mangion
  • Application for Hawker/Peddler license from
    • William Pickles to sell hotdogs, soda, and water at Winnekenni area Route 110, June 24th thru October 31st, Monday thru Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm

4. Applications for Special License to sell alcoholic beverages:

  1. Jose Tiburcio at Citizen Center July 25th, 6 pm – 11 pm
  2. Natalie Jones at Winnekenni Castle September 5th, 3:30 pm – 11:00 pm

5. Application for permit from Trinity Episcopal Church to block a portion of Williams st for neighborhood cookout at 26 White st

6. Petition from Bethany Tavernakis of HandMeDown Fundraiser requesting to use section of sidewalk on Essex st for a sidewalk sale on July 18th, 8 am to 3 pm with raindate of July 25th

7. Petition from David Goodwin Jr for Crescent Yacht Club requesting to close boat launch ramps in Bradford for Hydroplane and Powerboat racing August 22nd & 23rd

8. Application for 2009 Drainlayer license from Philip Farmer

9. Application for Handicap parking sign from Catherine Gorski at 7 Bedford st

10. Petition from William P Johnson, Trustee of Vale Realty Trust, requesting to have Meagans Way accepted as a public way
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing August 11th)

11. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of May 2009


12. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting to submit recommendations of Traffic & Safety Committee held June 16th

13. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting to submit Minutes and Recommendations of Administration and
Finance Committee meeting held June 18th


14. Documents 88 to 88-D/07, Petitions from Attorney Don Borenstein for Fermata Limited Partnership requesting Special
Permits for 4 building projects off of Brandy Brow rd Related communication from Attorney Don Borenstein requesting a continuance of all Hearings to November 10 2009


15. Document 10-J, Transfer $22,000 from Fire Gas Line Emergency Training Grant to Fire Department – Overtime

16. Document 16-F, Ordinance re: Parking Limited Parking; Add 2 15-min Spaces at 350 Washington st (filed 6/3/09)

17. Document 19-E, Ordinance re: Stop Signs Add Stop sign at intersection of Gile st at Newton rd, Eastbound
(filed 6/3/09)

18. Document 27-D, Order - as part of Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Budget $750,000 be raised and appropriatedand transferred into Group Insurance (postponed from 6/9/09)

19. Document 27-E, Order – as part of Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Budget $137,380,056 be raised and appropriated and funded
as follows: $846,201 Water Receipts 188,014 Wastewater receipts 200,000 Sale of Real Estate 1,788,000 Free Cash
134,357,841 Taxation & Other Receipts (postponed from 6/9/09)

20. Document 27-F, Order - as part of Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Budget $7,066,028 appropriated to operate Water Dept for
items listed and $6,990,200 comes from Water Revenue, $922,029 to come from Water available fund balance and $846,201
be appropriated in General Fund and funded from Water receipts (postponed from 6/9/09)

21. Document 27-G, Order – as part of Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Budget $7,878,732 be appropriated to operate Wastewater Dept for items marked appropriation and $7,686,671 to come from Wastewater Revenue, $380,074 to come from
Wastewater available fund balance and that $188,014 be appropriated in General Fund and funded from Wastewater receipts
(postponed from 6/9/09)

22. Doc 68, Order–Authorization of Veteran’s Memorial Skating Rink Revolving Fund (all revolving funds postponed from 6/9/09)

23. Doc 68-B, Order–Authorization of Recreation and Parks Revolving Fund

24. Doc 68-C, Order–Authorization of Wood School Daycare Revolving Fund

25. Doc 68-D, Order–Authorization of Crowell School Daycare Revolving Fund

26. Doc 68-E, Order–Authorization of Haverhill Parking Commission Revolving Fund

27. Doc 68-F, Order–Authorization of Citizen Center Rental Account Revolving Fund

28. Doc 68-G, Order–Authorization of Council on Aging Activities Account Revolving Fund

29. Document 69, Loan Order – Appropriate $1,756,067 to complete Phase II Combined Sewer Overflow Long-Term Control Plan (filed 6/10/09)

30. Document 69-B, Loan Order – Appropriate $1,491,960 to finance and replace finish water pumps at City’s water treatment
plant and Silver Hill Pumping Station (filed 6/10/09)

31. Document 73, Ordinance re: Building Construction Fees (filed 6/9/09)


32. Order to amend Doc 71/08 and authorize License Commission to establish fees effective July 1st 2009 (revised fees)

33. Order to amend Doc 60/81 and establish fees within City Clerk’s office effective July 1st 2009 (revised fees)

34. Home Rule Petition – An Act Authorizing Deferment of Hale Hospital Deficit Notes by City of Haverhill

35. Transfer $24,500.00 to Highway Salaries from accounts Street Marking-Pavement Marking and Parks-DPW Supplies and
further that sum of $2,600 be transferred into Maintenance-Heat from Public Works Administration-Salaries

36. Loan Order – Appropriate $91,000 for Purchase and installation of new hockey boards at Veterans’ Memorial Skating Rink (File 10 days)

37. Ordinance re: Parking, 15 Dudley st Add Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

Committee reports


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