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July 13, 2010

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini submitting Zoning recommendations and request they be forwarded to Planning Board for their input; also after Planning review the actual Ordinance of proposed Zoning Changes be sent to Council July 27th for consideration on August 10th

2. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini submitting language amending the process for considering changes to Zoning classification of a parcel(s) with recommendation that language be sent to Planning Board for review and then back to Council in form of actual Ordinance

3. Appointments by Mayor:

  • CONSTABLES to expire July 2 2011
    • Reappointments:
      • Gerald Sewell
      • Ronald E Bertheim
      • Charles Massa Jr
      • Thomas E Daggett
      • David E Hall
      • Josephine M Gauron
      • Steven Ring
    • Appointments:
      • Matthew Ring
      • Walter Sorenson Jr
      • Michael Arahovites


4. Application for Handicap Parking Sign from Marcos Albino at 7 A Tremont st

5. Petition from Johann Mooney, Fall Fair Chairperson, requesting to hang banner across South Main st; from September 20th thru October 2nd for special annual event at Sacred Hearts School

6. Application from Elle Gallo for Special License to sell alcoholic beverages for Eve Rising event at Winnekenni Castle, July 18th 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

7. Application from Olga Kawuki for Special License to sell alcoholic beverages for after Wedding Party at Citizen Center July 24th, 7 pm to 1 am

8. Application for Tag Days from HHS Girls Swim Team, August 27,28,29

9. Petition from Verizon New England and MA Electric Company for Joint Pole location on Ferry Road and South Riverview Street (Hearing July 27th)

10. Communication from Police Chief DeNaro requesting to address Council to highlight recent accomplishments of members of Haverhill Police Department

11. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of June


12. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding taking legal action against utilities that own double poles in the City

13. Communication from Councillor Young requesting to introduce Doug Edison to discuss an event at Winnekenni Castle on July 18th

14. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting to re-evaluate the Ordinance regarding Hawker/Peddler licensing for food carts

15. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting a discussion regarding need for an Ordinance pertaining to banners being hung for promoting events

16. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding transfer of Wastewater/Water funds for City-side operations

17. Communication from Councillor LePage requesting a discussion regarding City-wide curb-side single stream recycling


18. Document 52, Petition from Attorney Don Conn for Annette Zerveles requesting a Zoning Change to All Commercial Highway for property at 1247 Main st Parcel ID 638-2-1B Favorable recommendation with conditions from Planning Board and Planning Director

18B. Document 52-B, Ordinance re: Zoning 1247 Main st, Rezone from RH/CH Zone to CH Zone filed 5/19/10

19. Document 61, Application from GCG Associates Inc for Danvers Bank requesting Street Acceptance of Seven Sister Road and Eves Way
Favorable recommendation from Planning Board and Planning Director

19B. Document 61-B, Order accept Seven Sister Road as a Public Way

19BB. Document 61-BB, Order accept Eves Way as a Public Way

19BBB. Document 61-BBB, Order to accept all easements relating to Seven Sister Road and Eves Way


20. Document 16-O, Ordinance re: Parking 92 Margin st, Add 1 Handicap Parking space filed 6/23/10

21. Document 16-P, Ordinance re: Parking 65 Howard st, Add 1 Handicap Parking space filed 6/23/10

22. Document 67-H, Ordinance re: Salaries Water/Wastewater Office and Technical Group filed 6/30/10

23. Document 67-I, Ordinance re: Salaries Water Group filed 6/30/10

24. Document 67-J, Ordinance re: Salaries Water Purification Teamster Group filed 6/30/10

25. Document 74, Application from Attorney James Waldron for applicant Maples Associates Limited Partnership requesting Modification of a Special Permit granted to Lincoln Maples Associates Inc; Document 220-1988 to construct a multi-family development off Primrose st; now 10 Primrose way
postponed from July 13th


26. Election Warrant – State Primaries Tuesday, September 14 2010

27. Order establishing Polling Places for all Elections held during 2010

Committee reports


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