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Room 204 7:00 PM September 21, 2010

1. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Tammy Geyer To Be Confirmed
    • Jack Bevelacqua – Chairman
    • Krystine Hetel Michael Labonte
    • Colin LePage Sven Amirian
    • Paul Bergman Jeffrey Dill
    • Michael Stankovich
    • Ralph Abislaiman Joe Gangi
    • Request from Mayor to refer item and Ordinance (Chapter 132) to subcommittee


2. Application for Junk Dealer license from James Smith, “TJS Metals” 23 Hale st

3. Application for Permit from Kathleen Pruett/Boys & Girls Club of Greater Haverhill, to hold Walk-a-thon from 55 Emerson st; Saturday, October 16th with raindate of Sunday, October 17th

4. Notice of Filing and Public Hearing from National Grid (Gas Companies) for Recovery of Lost Base Revenue for Calendar Years 2008 & 2009 with
hearing to be held October 12th

5. Petition from National Grid requesting Electric Conduit location on Cross Road (Hearing Oct 12th)

6. Petition from National Grid requesting Electric Conduit location on North Broadway (Hearing Oct 12th)

7. Petition from City of Haverhill requesting Hearing to amend Zoning Code Chapter 255-35; regarding Temporary signs (2 Related Ordinances) (Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing October 26th)

7a. Ordinance re: Zoning, Amend Zoning Code Chapter 255-35; (File 10 days)Temporary signs

7b. Ordinance re: Signs, Amend City Code Chapter 213-3. Permit required for (File 10 days) postings on fences, walls, trees
and poles. and Chapter 213-5.Advertise on or over City property.

8. Petition from Attorney Michael Migliori for applicant John P Giordano requestingSpecial Permit to build single-family residence on 90 Amesbury rd within 500’ water supply; Assessors Map 465, Block 3, Lot 2A
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing November 16th)

9. Petition from Richard Dinges requesting Special Permit to develop 3-family condo units on Form A Lot 3 Keeley st; formerly part of 536 Water st;
Assessors Map 416, Block 150, Lot 1
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing December 28th)

10. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of August


11. Communication from Councillor Young requesting a discussion regarding Water Supply Fee, City Code Section 250-2C(1)

12. Communication from Councillor Macek requesting a discussion regarding unlimited on-street parking and to introduce Jennifer Brown to speak regarding this issue

13. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding City’s policy for paying City bills by check

14. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting a discussion regarding proposed list of street lights to be shut off


15. Documents 88 to 88-D/2007, Petitions from Attorney Don Borenstein for Fermata Limited Partnership requesting Watershed Special Permits for 4 Building projects off Brandy Brow rd: Fermata Road(Brandy Brow rd); Brandy Brow road reconstruction; Form A Lots(Brandy Brow rd); Erin Way
(Brandy Brow rd)

Related communication from Attorney Don Borenstein for applicants requesting a continuance of all 4 Hearings to June 7 2011

Recommendation to DENY ALL 4 WATERSHED SPECIAL PERMITS from Economic Development & Planning Director William Pillsbury


16. Document 67-L, Ordinance re: Salaries Water/Wastewater DPW Reorganization: Finance Manager to Business Manager filed 9/8/10

17. Document 96, Ordinance re: Board & Commissions, Amend Chapter 11 Stadium Commission filed 9/8/10

18. Document 24-B, Loan Order – Appropriate $14,365,000.00 in addition to $6,483,587.00 previously appropriated for purpose of financing and cost of engineering services and construction relating to closure of old Haverhill landfill off Old Groveland rd filed 6/16/10

18a. Document 63, Order authorize Mayor to file applications and execute agreements regarding engineering services & construction relating to closure of old Haverhill landfill located off Old Groveland rd filed 6/16/10


19. Order that pedestrian crosswalk and adjacent sidewalk across Bethany Avenue next to Central Plaza be dedicated as the “Winfield Walkway” in memory of George and Philip Winfield

20. Order authorize payment of bills of previous years and to further authorize payment from current year departmental appropriations as listed:

  • Rick Lizotte–Water Dept $153.00
  • Haverhill Water Dept-Backflow 35.00
  • National Grid-Electric 381.80

21. Ordinance re: Peddling and Soliciting Amend City Code Chapter 191 (File 10 days)

Committee Study List


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