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May 17, 2011

1. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Susan Green (To Be Confirmed)


2. Application from Malcolm Rutherford for 2011 Drainlayer license

3. Application for Block Party from Peter McLaughlin for “McLaughlin Fund”, on Saturday, July 9th, 12 noon to 10:00 PM on Apple st

4. Petitions from Attorney James Waldron for applicant MCL Contracting requesting to continue following Hearings:Planning Board to June 8th and Council Hearing to June 28 2011:

4a. Special Permit hearing to build on River st

4aa. Special Permit hearing to discontinue Naples rd


5. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting to discuss a public safety issue concerning fire protection at Rocks Village and Ayers Village

6. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding the federal government’s rejection of the proposal to rebuild the railroad bridge over the Merrimack River

7. Communication from Councillor Young requesting to introduce Paul Magliocchetti to discuss City Code S230-15A, Taxi Cab rates in the City

8. Communication from Councillor LePage requesting a discussion regarding Hawkers and Peddlers licenses and locations


9. Document 7-M, Ordinance re: Parking, 20 Hancock st; Add Handicap Parking Space (filed 5/4/11)

10. Document 7-N, Ordinance re: Parking, 19 4th Avenue; Add Handicap Parking Space (filed 5/4/11)

11. Document 7-O, Ordinance re: Parking 20 Broad st; Add Handicap Parking Space (filed 5/4/11)


12. Document 23-B, Ordinance re:Vehicles and Traffic; Amend Chapter 240; Section 85 Schedule A: Service Zones;Section 85 Schedule B: Parking Restrictions & Prohibitions and Section 88 Schedule E: City Parking Lots: (filed 4/27/11)

13. Document 23-C, Ordinance re: Boards and Commissions, Amend Chapter 11, Article XIV.Central Business District Parking Commission filed (filed 4/27/11)

14. Document 23-D, Ordinance re: Vehicles & Traffic, Chapter 240, Article XVI Parking Fees/Rates & Terms (filed 4/27/11)


15. Ordinance re: Charges and Fees, Miscellaneous; Amend Chapter 128 Article III, s128-12. Prices. Insert: Items Sold in City Engineer’s office

Committee reports


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