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June 7, 2011

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting to address Council regarding the City’s FY 12 Budget


2. Application for Special License to sell alcoholic beverages from Butlers & Bars for Felicita Rodriguez at Winnekenni Castle, June 25th, 2 pm to 6 pm

3. Application for Hawker/Peddler license from Cheralyn Cannon to sell hotdogs, chips, soda, water, ice cream, slush, sausages & lemonade at the Bradford Common; Monday-Sunday 9 am to 9 pm

4. Petition from James Parker of Willow Spring Vineyard, West Lowell av requesting to sell his wine at the Haverhill Farmers’ Market this year

5. Petition from Tracy Fuller, Haverhill YMCA Executive Director requesting permit fees be waived on renovation of Whittier Building, 87 Winter st; to be used as an Early Education Center and also multi-purpose space for health & wellness and programming

6. Petition from Vin Ouellette, Director of Human Services requesting to hang a banner at corner of Salem & So Main st from June 16th to July 6th to advertise City’s annual 4th of July Celebration on July 3rd from 5 pm to 9pm with fireworks at 9:15


7. Communication from Councillor Macek requesting to discuss water/wastewater billing

8. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting removal of handicap parking space at 20 Broad st

9. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding odor from Covanta plant in Ward Hill


10.Documents 88 to 88-D/2007, petitions from Attorney Don Borenstein for Fermata Limited Partnership requesting Watershed Special Permits for 4 Building Projects off Brandy Brow rd: Fermata Road (Brandy Brow rd); Brandy Brow rd reconstruction; Form A Lots (Brandy Brow rd); Erin Way (Brandy Brow rd)

10. Documents 88 to 88-D/2007

Updated plans/report submitted by MHF Design Consultants on behalf of client D & D Realty Trust for land along Brandy Brow rd

Related communication from Fire Dept

Communication from Atty Don Borenstein requesting continuance of Erin Way and Form A Lot:462-203-5 & Brandy Brow Roadway Improvements to August 23 2011

Communication from Atty Don Borenstein requesting for applicant to withdraw watershed Special permit application for Fermata Road Subdivision 462-203-6 without prejudice

Recommendation from William Pillsbury Economic Development/Planning Director, to allow continuance to August 23 2011 of Watershed Special permit for Brandy Brow rd reconstruction; Five form A lots on Brandy Brow rd; and Watershed Special Permit for Erin Way project and ALLOW WITHDRAWAL of Fermata rd project Watershed Special Permit


11.Document 50, Communication from Michael Labonte, Chair of the Re-Precincting Committee requesting to give an update on the Committee’s activities
11a. Order – territory of City of Haverhill be divided into 7 wards divided into 3 precincts each totaling 21 precincts in compliance with Chpt 54 of Gen Laws of MA


12.Petition for joint pole/conduit locations from Verizon New England and MA Electric for So Main st; Chadwick st and South Park st – MASS DOT Project #600214
12a. Order grant Verizon New England and MA Electric joint pole/conduit locations on So Main st; Chadwick st and So Park st

13.Petition for joint pole locations from Verizon NE & MA Electric Co for So Main st; Salem st; Laurel av and Leonard av – State Highway Project

13a. Order grant Verizon New England and MA Electric joint pole locations on So Main st; Salem st; Laurel av and Leonard av


14.Ordinance re: Salaries – Administrative & Professional Positions

15.Ordinance re: Salaries – All Departments – Non Union

Committee reports

16.Councillor Hall submits Minutes of Public Safety Committee meeting held June 1st

17.Councillor Daly O’Brien submits Minutes of Administration & Finance Committee meeting held June 2nd

Committee Study List


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