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City Council Agenda

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
City Council Chambers

John A. Michitson , President
Robert H. Scatamacchia, Vice President
Michael J. Hart
William H. Ryan
Michael S. McGonagle
William J. Macek
Colin F. LePage
Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien
Thomas J. Sullivan

Haverhill City Seal

Weekly Meetings
7:00 PM

Haverhill City Hall
Room 202
4 Summer St
Haverhill, MA 01830

Agenda Only

Agenda Complete

1. Approval of Records of the Previous Meeting

2. Assignment of the minutes review for the next Meeting

3. Communications from the Mayor

No Schedule

4. Utility Hearing(s) and Related Order(s)

4.1 Document 54-A, Joint Petition from Verizon New England Inc and Mass Electric Co of North Andover requesting permission for Pole, Wire, Cables, and Fixtures Location on Appleton st, Plan #742 Attachment

    4.1.1 Document 54-BB, Order grant Pole, Wire, Cables, and Fixtures Location from Verizon New England Inc and Mass Electric Co of North Andover on Appleton st, Plan #742 Attachment

5. Appointments

5.1 Confirming Appointments:

    5.1.1 Board of Registrars: Daniel Moriarty Attachment

    5.1.2 Commission of Disability Issues: Constance Rockwood Attachment

5.2 Non-Confirming Appointments:

5.2.1 Veterans Memorial Ice Rink Advisory Committee: Vinny Ouellette Michael McGonagle Attachment

5.3 Resignations:

No Schedule

6. Petitions

6.1 Petitions:

    6.1.1 Petition from Lap Nguyen requesting to purchase City property ; a dead-end section of Worcester st; so that he may put up a storage shed for his yard equipment Attachment

6.2 Applications:

    6.2.1 Tag Day: Haverhill Exchange Club: October 19th Attachment

    6.2.2 Tag Day: Knights of Columbus: October 19th & 20th Attachment

6.3 Annual License Renewals:

6.3.1 Buy & Sell 2nd Hand Articles: Cynthia J. Kalp, El Dorado Pawn Shop, 24 Emerson st Attachment

6.3.2 Buy & Sell Old Gold: Cynthia J. Kalp , El Dorado Pawn Shop Attachment

6.3.3 Pawnbroker: Cynthia J. Kalp, El Dorado Pawn Shop Attachment

6.3.4 Limousines: Raif Wakim, Bon Voyage Limo, Inc, 695 Main st (2 Limos) Attachment

7. Hearings and Related Orders:

7.1 Order: authorize Mayor to execute certain easements relative to real property located on 45 Wingate st; Assessors Map 302, Block 55 Lot 3 and 77 Washington st; Assessors Map 301, Block 52, lot 5 for purpose of installing and attaching lighting to the side of the building to illuminate passage ways between the building and adjacent buildings or structures Attachment

7.2 Order: authorize Mayor on behalf of City to execute a confirmatory easement to David Langlois Jr and Christina Langlois of 567 Washington st relative to right to continue to maintain an encroachment of a building onto a public way known as Day Street Attachment

7.3 Ordinances (File 10 Days)

7.3.1 Ordinance re: Zoning, Amend City Code Chapter 255, Table of Use and Parking Regulations, Page 8; to allow Medical Marijuana Dispensary/Treatment centers to be located only in our business parks File 10 days Attachment

7.3.2 Ordinance re: Parking, Delete Handicap Parking, 23 Hillside st File 10 days Attachment

8. Unfinished Business of preceding Meetings

8.1 Document 77, Petition from Scott Helmers, President, Spotlight Playhouse requesting City waive fees associated with the rental of the Nick Ross Auditorium for their theater productions Continued from July 23 2013 Attachment

8.2 Document 82, Ordinance re: Salaries, All Departments- Non-Union Filed July 24 2013 Attachment

8.3 Document 57-L, Councillor Macek requests a discussion regarding a request for recertification of an easement originally granted by the City in August 1992 involving premises at 567 Washington st Postponed from July 24 2013 Attachment

9. Communications and Reports from City Officers and Employees

9.1 Monthly Reports:

    No Schedule

9.2 Communications from Councillors:

    9.2.1 Communication from Councillor Hart requesting to introduce Marguerite Carifio to discuss the current poor condition of the Hilldale Cemetery Attachment

    9.2.2 Communication from Councillor Hart requesting to introduce Miranda Kocher to discuss the problem the City has with jaywalking Attachment

    9.2.3 Communication from Councillor Hart requesting to discuss the posting of “No Parking Tow Away Zone” sign on Brandy Brow Road Attachment

9.3 Communications from City Employees:

No Schedule

10. Resolutions and Proclamations

10.1 Proclamation– Sleep Apnea Awareness Day, August 1, 2013 Attachment

11. Council Committee Reports and Announcements

11.1 Council Committee Reports:

    No Schedule

11.2 Documents referred to Committee Study Attachment

12. Adjourn

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