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City Council Agenda

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
City Council Chambers

Robert H. Scatamacchia , President
Michael J. Hart , Vice President
John A. Michitson
William H. Ryan
Michael S. McGonagle
William J. Macek
Colin F. LePage
Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien
Thomas J. Sullivan

Haverhill City Seal

Weekly Meetings
7:00 PM

Haverhill City Hall
Room 202
4 Summer St
Haverhill, MA 01830

Agenda Only

Agenda Complete

1. Approval of Records of the Previous Meeting

2. Assignment of the minutes review for the next Meeting

3. Communications from the Mayor

No Schedule

4. Utility Hearing(s) and Related Order(s)

No Schedule

5. Appointments

5.1 Confirming Appointments:

    5.1.1 City Clerk (Effective: Jan 1, 2014): Linda Koutoulas Attachment

    5.1.2 Planning Board (Exp: Nov 19, 2019): Karen Buckley Attachment

5.2 Non-Confirming Appointments:

    5.2.1 Mayor’s Task Force on Technology: Janice Young Attachment

    5.2.2 Veterans Memorial Skating Rink Advisory Committee:

    Matthew Gray
    Donald Wilson Attachment

5.3 Resignations:

No Schedule

6. Petitions

6.1 Petitions:

    6.1.1 Joint Petition from Verizon New England Inc. and Massachusetts Electric Company of North Andover requesting permission for Joint Pole Location on West Lowell av, Plan #743 Hearing Dec 10 2013 Attachment

    6.1.2 Petition from Sven Amirian, President of Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, requesting to address Council to present this year’s annual Downtown Christmas Stroll which will take place Saturday, December 7th, from 5 pm to 8 pm on Merrimack st, Washington Square, Washington st, Columbus Park and Wingate st and also has several event related requests Attachment

6.2 Applications:

    6.2.1 Application for new Handicap Parking Sign from Donna Corthell at 60 Franklin st Attachment

    6.2.2 Application from Chairman Roland Plourde for V.F.W. Post 29 Santa Parade Committee requesting permission for 49th Annual Santa Parade to be held Sunday, November 24th, at 1:00 from the C.D. Hunking School in Bradford to V.F.W. Post 29 Headquarters at 64 Kenoza av; the rain date is Saturday, November 30th, at 10:30 am Attachment

    6.2.3 Annual License Renewals: Buy & Sell 2nd Hand Articles: Old Friends & Collectibles, 18 Emerson st, Christine McIntosh Attachment

7. Hearings and Related Orders:

7.1 Document 106, Tax Classification Hearing from Stephen Gullo, Tax Assessor for Board of Assessors for Fiscal Year 2014 Attachment

7.1.1 Document 106-B, Order: That the residential factor for fiscal year 2014 be adopted as: Attachment

7.1.2 Document 106-C, Order: That the City shall adopt a commercial exemption Attachment

7.1.3 Document 106-D, Order: That the City shall adopt a residential exemption Attachment

7.1.4 Document 106-E, Order: That the City shall select an open space discount factor Attachment

7.1.5 Document 106-F, Order: That the City Council of the City of Haverhill hereby accepts the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 59, Section 5, Clauses 17E and 41D with respect to Permanent acceptance of the annual C.P.I. index increase to the tax exemptions for the elderly. Attachment

7.1.6 Document 106-G, Order: That the City Council accept 100% of C.P.I. (Consumer Price Index) increase reported by the State for F.Y. 2014 Exemptions. The 2014 C.P.I. amount is 1.64%. Attachment

7.2 Document 84-A, Petition from City of Haverhill requests Hearing re: Zoning, Amend City Code Chapter 255, Table of Use and Parking Regulations to allow Medical Marijuana Dispensaries/Treatment centers to be located in our business parks only Conditional recommendation from Planning Board and Conditional recommendation with modifications as requested; from Planning Director Cont’d from Nov 12 2013 Attachment

7.2.1 Document 84, Ordinance re: Zoning, Amend City Code Chapter 255, Table of Use and Parking Regulations, Page 8; to allow Medical Marijuana Dispensary/Treatment centers to be located only in our business parks Filed Aug 7 2013 Related communication from William Cox Jr, City Solicitor, submitting proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance Attachment

    7.2.2 Related communication from Elizabeth Rogers submitting singed petition against allowing a medical marijuana facilities in Ward Hill Industrial Park Attachment

8. Motions and Orders

8.1 Order authorize Mayor to enter into and execute the “Declaration of Ownership” on behalf of City of Haverhill relative to ownership of the East Parish Meeting House, 150 Middle rd, so that the East Parish House Meeting Society may receive funding for repair, restoration, maintenance and opening of the House for the education and enjoyment of the community; said “Declaration of Ownership” is also submitted Attachment

8.2 Ordinances (File 10 Days)

    8.2.1 Ordinance: re: Parking, Delete Handicap Parking, 41 Hancock st File 10 Days Attachment

    8.2.2 Ordinance: re: Parking, Add Handicap Parking, 46 Newcomb st File 10 Days Attachment

9. Unfinished Business of preceding Meetings

9.1 Document 102-G,Communication from Councilor Michitson requesting to discuss public safety and related issues in Mount Washington neighborhood Cont’d from Nov 12 2013 Attachment

9.2 Document 102-K, Communication from Councillor Sullivan requesting a discussion regarding the declining conditions of the Fire Department’s eight fire pumpers Attachment

9.3 Document 102-L, Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting to introduce Michael Dello Iacono to speak regarding excessive noise on Washington st, particularly due to motorcycles with intestinally loud aftermarket exhaust systems Attachment

9.4 Document 102-M, Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting to introduce 2014 Study Issues Priority List in advance of Fiscal Year 2015 budget Attachment

9.5 Document 102-N, Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting to introduce Tyler Kimball to address Council on providing cell phones to police officers to interact with kids Attachment

10. Communications and Reports from City Officers and Employees

10.1 Monthly Reports:

    No Schedule

10.2 Communications from Councillors:

    10.2.1 Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting a discussion about a Home Rule Petition on behalf of Scott Marchand Attachment Home Rule Petition: An act authorizing the appointment of Scott Marchand as a firefighter in the City of Haverhill notwithstanding the maximum age requirement Attachment

    10.2.2 Communication from Councillor Michitson wishing to introduce Patricia Gleason, representing the Haverhill Community Violence Prevention Coalition, to invite the community to “Annual Celebration of Peace” Attachment

10.3 Communications from City Employees:

No Schedule

11. Resolutions and Proclamations

11.1 Proclamation-- Honoring the Life and Legacy of President John F Kennedy; Friday, November 22, 2013 Attachment

11.2 Proclamation – Lebanese Independence Day; Friday, November 22, 2013 Attachment

12. Council Committee Reports and Announcements

12.1 Council Committee Reports:

    No Schedule

12.2 Documents referred to Committee Study Attachment

13. Adjourn

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